The Department of Infrastructure has posted online that the following road works are currently taking place:

Rushen - Cronk Y Watch Road (Chasms, near Cregneash)

The latest road to be resurfaced by Island Drainage & Groundwork Ltd as part of the 22/23 midi paver programme, the IDG team is still on site completing the last of the ancillary works connected with the scheme.

Upcoming works

The team from IDG will move to the B42 Ronague Road during next week and begin preparation work for resurfacing that road.

The department says the Ronague Road will be closed to through traffic from Thursday March 9 until no later than Friday April 7.

IDG are communicating directly with residents about arrangements for access to properties during resurfacing.

A1 St Johns to Peel Road
A1 St Johns to Peel Road (Department of Infrastructure)

A1 St Johns to Peel Road - pavement refurbishment

Work  continues on the section  of footpath from Corlett’s Ballaharra pit, back towards Peel.

This is an extension of the work carried out from Ballaharra to St Johns last year.

The work is being done  by one of the department's in-house teams, which  is cutting back the hedge, scraping back the verge and resurfacing the footpath, to its full extent.

The team is  also replacing broken kerbs where necessary and undertaking minor road surface repairs.

The department says the team is expected to be working in this vicinity for another couple of weeks.

There is a temporary speed limit of 40mph, dropping to 20mph through the active work site.

Temporary traffic lights are in situ. The department asks motorists to respect the speed limits which have been imposed to ensure the safety of both workers and the public at large.

Glen Maye - Shore Road
Glen Maye - Shore Road (Department of Infrastructure)

Glen Maye - Shore Road

The road has recently been resurfaced by Island Drainage & Groundwork as part of the Department’s 22/23 midi paver programme.

The midi paver work by IDG Ltd  is focussed on a number of smaller access roads around the Island.

The DoI says that this leaves the department’s two paver teams, which use equipment best suited to larger roads, free to focus on more heavily trafficked roads which  are higher up the road hierarchy,.

The  department’s paver teams are currently resurfacing parts of Victoria Road, Douglas and the Jurby Coast Road.

Bradda Glen Road
Bradda Glen Road (Department of Infrastructure)

Bradda Glen Road, Port Erin

Bradda Glen Road has been fully resurfaced recently by Island Drainage & Groundworks Ltd on behalf of the department.

This work was done as part of  the 22/23 midi paver programme.