The Rotary Club of Douglas has donated more than 200 pieces of mobility equipment to Zimbabwe in partnership with a UK charity.

The equipment (such as wheelchairs, walking frames and shower stools) had all been inspected by a team at Manx Care and judged as no longer fit for purpose on the island.

Rather than being sent for scrap, all these items have now been delivered to the UK Charity PhysioNet in Yorkshire with help from shipping company Manx Independent Carriers.

Volunteers at PhysioNet will now refurbish the equipment and return it to a usable condition, before the apparatus is sent off to Harare in Zimbabwe this year.

A spokesperson from the Rotary Club of Douglas said: ‘In December 2023, members of the club spent a very rainy afternoon loading a truck with more than 200 pieces of mobility equipment destined to travel to Africa.

‘Without the generosity and support of Manx Independent Carriers it would not have been possible to ship such a large amount of equipment in one consignment – they deserve an enormous thank you.’

Rotary Club president Charles Fargher said: ‘As a proud biosphere partner we are delighted that so much material can be re-used rather than just being scrapped or sent to landfill.

‘It’s a great result for everyone.’