Part of the Raad ny Foillan coastal footpath has been shut by the Department of Infrastructure because of its poor condition.

The decision was made after a recent inspection. A DoI spokesperson said: ‘We regret that we have had to close a section from Port Mooar to Maughold Head.

‘This area received substantial damage over the course of last winter and at the time the department took the stance that it should remain open.

‘As this is a more trying section of the Raad, where walkers are required to navigate steep sections of coastal path with large rocks for steps, the decision to leave this path open was made due to the fact that walkers competent in those trying sections could also competently navigate their way around the damaged sections of path onto the beach.

‘This section makes up one of the true coastal walks of the Raad and shows our magnificent coast off to locals and visitors alike, as such (and with the previous points in mind) we had hoped it could remain open throughout the summer walking season and repairs would be undertaken through winter.

‘Unfortunately, after a recent inspection it appears the condition of the path has worsened to the point of no longer being realistically passable and so we have taken the decision to close the path earlier than we had hoped.

‘This does mean that work can now start sooner. We will keep the public up to date on how things are progressing. Thank you for your understanding and patience with this.’