The Manx Bat Group led a successful bat walk as part of Manx Wildlife Week.

The week-long series of events was organised by Manx National Heritage, giving people the opportunity to learn about the Isle of Man’s natural landscapes, biodiversity and wildlife.

Around 33 people attended the bat walk held at Silverdale Glen and saw dozens of bats emerging from their roosts, according to the charity.

It followed a talk on bats by Kevin Wells, a member of the group.

Armed with bat detectors, the group set off up the glen to see and hear more bats of six different species.

Chairman Nick Pinder said: ‘It was certainly a busy night for bats and my detector made nearly 600 recordings.

Woodland with water running through it is a prime habitat for bats of all species, feeding on the many insects found there and the boating pool is known as a favourite feeding ground for Daubenton’s bat, often nicknamed the water bat as it snatches emerging insects off the water surface.’

The Manx Bat Group will be leading more bat walks throughout the summer.

Mr Pinder added: ‘People wishing to come on one of our bat walks should keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for dates and details of the next walks.

‘We particularly hope that some of the people introduced to bats in this way will join the Manx Bat Group in order to help us conserve them. We undertake many surveys in the summer and need volunteers to assist with these.’