Small businesses are being invited to learn tips about cybersecurity.

On the day, next month, there will be 16 panels and presentations including ‘Apollo 13 and the art of cybersecurity’, ‘Minds and Machines’, and ‘Five things your small business can do to stay secure’.

Now in its fifth year, the Cyberisle conference will feature speakers from a wide range of organisations from the Isle of Man, Jersey, and the UK.

The presentations cover practical advice for small businesses, artificial intelligence, and deception techniques used by criminals.

Speakers include Martin Smith MBE (Chairman and Founder of Security Awareness Special Interest Group), a representative from the UK National Cyber Security Centre, Dave Cartwright (Chief Information Security Officer CISO and Head of IT Risk and Operations at Santander International).

Lee Williamson (CISO, EIP Limited) will also be part of the conference, as will Dr Francis Gaffney (Senior Director at Mimecast), Peter Allwright (Head of Suntera Forensics) and Kurt Schrauwen (Director at Riela Group).

The event is free to attend, with tickets and the full agenda available on the CYBERISLE website.

Cyberisle is scheduled to take place on October 4 at the Comis Hotel.

The event, organised by the Office of Cyber-Security and Information Assurance, aims to bring together cybersecurity, compliance and IT professionals alongside the general public.

The full programme for this year’s cybersecurity conference is now available online.