A recent survey has shown large opposition to the newly proposed assisted dying bill in the Isle of Man.

The survey, which was conducted by the Isle of Man Medical Society in August 2023 and received a 61 percent response rate, showed that 34 percent of doctors would consider leaving the island permanently if assisted dying was to be legalised.

Meanwhile, 74 percent of responders opposed the legalisation of assisted dying (otherwise known as euthanasia).

54 percent of responders felt the introduction of this legislation would have a negative effect on recruitment.

Only 2.8 percent of doctors think that assisted dying would have a positive psychological impact on people with vulnerabilities such as physical illness, disability, poverty, learning difficulties and mental illness.

10 percent of doctors thought it would be straightforward to decide who had a life expectancy of six months, which was an important aspect of the first draft of the bill.

A spokesperson from the Isle of Man Medical Society said: 'On the basis of this survey, the Isle of Man Medical Society remains strongly opposed to the legalisation of assisted dying.'