Team Mad Manx, a group of people from the Isle of Man and Australia, have embarked on a journey that will take them through 17 countries in fur covered cars.

Travelling from Andreas to Athens in 21 days, this is the team’s third motoring mission.

The countries they will journey through include Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania, amongst others.

The team was in Luxembourg yesterday (Wednesday), with plans to drive to France and then on to Germany.

Providing updates on social media, the team had a ‘big day of driving’ on ‘winding roads with scenic views’ to Luxembourg.

‘Late into the evening, the team pull into a chocolate box German town and enjoy drinking litres of beer in traditional tankards and guzzle down oversized chicken schnitzels,’ Team Mad Manx said online.

Since they left the island on Friday, Mad Manx have covered more than 210 miles in their cars, named ‘Pink Panther’ and ‘Red Rooster’, and have raised around £482 for their chosen charities, The Childrens Centre, which supports young people and families when they are faced with challenges in their lives, and Manx Children’s Art Therapy, providing art therapy for young people with chronic illness and mental health needs at The Children’s Centre.

From the island, wife and husband Fern and Adam Callister, Sam Waters and Amy Senogles are taking on the challenge, accompanied by Rachael Murray and Dominic Walsh from Australia.

Mrs Callister, from Sulby, previously told the Isle of Man Examiner why the cars were covered in fur, saying the team had done the same for a previous challenge.

She added: ‘You’re bound to get some really interesting interactions.

‘It lifted the spirits easily, it’s quite an unusual but joyful thing to look at.’