The Ronaldsway Meteorological Office has confirmed that yesterday's temperatures was the highest recorded in September since 2021.

The temperature at Ronaldsway yesterday (Tuesday, September 5 2023) reached 24.5°C at 3:00pm.

There has only been two previous occasions when the island has had warmer days in September – 25.1°C on September 8 2021 and 26.5°C on September 2 1991.

24.5°C was also reached on September 14, 2016.

The warm temperatures are set to continue tomorrow and Friday, with the forecast predicting that those two days could also reach highs of 24°C.

Due to the hot weather, the MSPCA has urged residents to avoid walking their dogs at the hottest time of the day, while also asking to keep them away from concrete as it can burn their pads.