Tim Glover MHK has stepped down from the Cabinet Office after an amicable discussion with Minister Kate Lord-Brennan MHK.

The representative for Arbory, Castletown and Malew said that his position on the social affairs review committee could have clashed with the department and he preferred to keep the scrutiny role.

He told Manx Radio: ‘I want to be able to be free to speak out on the social affair issue and Cabinet Office may well be asked to come to the social affairs policy committee.

‘I have no issue with the minister at all but I’ve heard rumblings, I was quite outspoken during the cost of living debate and I don’t think that sat well with the Chief Minister and the minister.’

Mr Glover’s resignation followed a discussion with Ms Lord-Brennan and Caldric Randall, interim Chief Secretary, where they flagged potential conflicts relating to incoming cost of living measures.