Margaret Kennaugh has died at the age of 80.

She was the secretary for the Peel Gardeners’ Association for over 60 years, a former commissioner for German Parish, ran a farm shop and would provide catering for Tynwald Day. She also had a stall at Peel Market selling chutneys and held multiple roles at St John’s Methodist Church, including treasurer.

Born in 1942 in Birmingham, she moved to the island at the age of six, as her father had fallen ill, and her family believed that the fresher air would help him recover, sadly he died before they got here.

Her mother re-married, and they moved to a farm, which is where she took up her interest in farming.

It was through farming when she was in her teens, that she was that she met her great love John Kennaugh.

At the age of 21 the couple got married, and they were married for over 50 years.

The couple would do a vegetable round, and would provide potatoes for Robinson’s and Shoprite from her farm in Ballaleece in St John’s.

They had three daughters, Carol, Gill and Jane.

Gill Kennaugh said: ‘Mum did anything to help the village really, but not to be seen to be helping the village.

‘She wasn’t in the limelight, she didn’t want to be, she would always be behind the scenes.’


Jane said: ‘Mum always aspired to be a window dresser or a florist, but her creative side was never followed up in a professional capacity.

‘That didn’t stop her doing it in her own time though, and she was massively into flower arrangements.

‘She was just involved in so much, just everything for however many hours there are in the day. She was a really capable woman, she could turn her hand to anything and it would be done.

‘There will be a massive void in the community without her.’

‘She would always make time for things somehow, she just had time for everything and everyone.’

Gill added: ‘She worked very hard her whole life, but she was also a lot of fun with us.’

She had become secretary of Peel Gardeners’ Association at the age of 18, and stayed in the role until early this year, which was when the society made the decision to not provide the show any more.

Bert Quayle, who was chairman of Peel Gardeners’ Association, said: ‘She was our Secretary for 61 years in Peel Gardener’s Association, she was a wonderful person, whatever she did, she did very well.

‘As far as we were concerned, she was Peel Gardeners’ Association, because without her it would have never have existed, she put an awful lot into it. The reason why we had to stop having it is because we grew too old, and a part from that we were very successful, and that was mostly due to Margaret Kennaugh’s undying loyalty to the association and her sterling work – I don’t think anybody can give more than that to any organisation.’

He added: ‘You’ll be sorely missed Margaret, I can tell you that, there will be nobody to take your place, and I am very proud that I served with her for 14 years as chairman.’

Margaret’s funeral, for which she has written her own eulogy, will take place on April 20, at 1pm at St John’s Methodist Church.