Manx sidecar passenger Callum Crowe sustained a leg injury in a spill during Monday afternoon's sidecar qualifying session.

His team, however, have said that he is 'on the mend' and 'getting ready to go again'.

Brother and driver Ryan was unhurt in the incident.

A statement from TT organisers released on Monday evening said: 'Following an incident at Laurel Bank in this afternoon's sidecar qualifying session, Callum Crowe, passenger in outfit number 3, is reported to have sustained a leg injury and is now receiving treatment.'

The Crowes' team later said: 'Ryan and Callum have had a slight incident at Laurel Bank in today's qualifying session.

'Ryan is good, bike is good and Callum is on the mend and getting ready to go again.

'They clipped the inside of Laurel Bank and Callum took a knock on the stone wall but he’s okay. Nothing major - just a bit sore. The boys will be back out and up to speed in no time.'

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