Temporary speed limits have been put in place due to roadworks on the TT course.

Vehicles will now be restricted to 40mph on until May 5 on the Peel to Douglas road and the Ballacraine to Ramsey road.

Work has started on the Ballahutchin Hill on the exit from Union Mills and will move in the general direction of Glen Vine.

A government spokesperson said: ‘This restriction is to reduce traffic speed in order for the Department of Infrastructure and its sub-contractors to safely carry out TT preparation work and routine highway maintenance.

‘The temporary speed limit will only apply on any particular section when the work is being carried out and will be indicated by signage.’

Temporary traffic lights will also be in use during working hours.

The team is currently on the Patrick Road doing some repairs to the footpath at the St John’s end of the road.

The team is likely to be on site for ‘up to two weeks’.

The highway maintenance team has also completed road surface repairs on Main Road, Kirk Michael in the vicinity of Station Road.