A demonstration has been held outside the Tynwald building in Douglas, demanding that Chief Minister Alfred Cannan release a statement on the ongoing conflict in Palestine.

The Amnesty International IOM Group and Caarjyn Phalestine (a protesting group launched by local musicians) held the demonstration from 12pm until 2pm on Tuesday, March 19 - when MHKs were on their lunch break during March’s monthly sitting of Tynwald.

In a statement released by Amnesty International prior to the demonstration, a spokesperson said: ‘We are calling for the Chief Minister to issue a statement condemning the horrors that have been unleashed on Palestinian civilians by the Israeli government and the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), and to support the calls for an immediate ceasefire and the lifting of the food and aid blockade.

‘After several months of lobbying MHKs and contacting the Chief Minister directly, there has still been no public statement regarding Tynwald’s position on what has been universally condemned as the collective punishment of a whole population.’ Click the video above to watch the demonstration, as well as interviews with Caarjyn Phalestine’s Devon Watson and Amnesty International’s Phil Matthews.