We ask the public: Could you eat only Manx?

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Saturday 21st March 2020 9:56 am
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Public opinions on Manx March, and eating Manx produce - Geraldine Sowrey (Maughold)

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Could you live solely off Manx food for one week?

The Manx Independent reported about a movement sweeping across the island this month, which involves people eating Manx produce only for a week.

The #ManxMarch initiative began with a post by Stuart Meade, who farms at Red Mie in Ballaugh. He and others are using supplies like cheese, meat and grains from local companies and farmers and posting about it on social media with the hashtag.

We went to Ramsey to ask people if they could manage it.

’Most definitely,’ said Paul Slevin, 64, from Ramsey.

’I buy Manx vegetables from Shoprite, Ramsey Bakery bread, milk from Isle of Man Creamery and you’ve just reminded me that I need to pick up bread and milk!

’Bry Rad, who sells vegetables on Ramsey Quayside every Saturday, is pretty popular.’

He thinks residents should rely more on Manx produce.

Linda Cowley, 70, said: ’I buy Manx bread, cheese, eggs and more from Shoprite. I get a Christmas turkey from the butcher. As it’s just me on my own I don’t spend a lot on meat.’

She doesn’t believe she would be able to complete #ManxMarch.

’I don’t go looking for just Manx food. I just get what I need and if it’s Manx, it’s Manx,’ she said.

However, the Ramsey resident thinks that more people buying Manx produce would benefit the island and added that having a range of Manx food is great when the boats bringing food in are cancelled.

Geraldine Sowrey, 31, from Maughold, believes her family could manage the week.

’I think #ManxMarch is a good opportunity to use more local produce,’ she said. ’We get Manx meat, veg, Noa bread and coffee, local eggs and dairy products from Isle of Man Creamery.

’I am following #ManxMarch and somebody recently posted a recipe for pasta. It was just Laxey flour and local eggs. #ManxMarch has been inspiring.’

She added that this was especially so with the issue of coronavirus and the possibilty of ’being quarantined’.

She added: ’It’s about supporting local farmers and that area of the economy. Farmers are worried about veganism affecting their livelihoods.

’It’s good to get back in touch with what’s readily available such as seasonal produce. It’s something that has been at the forefront of my mind and I am trying to do that more.’

Judy and Courtenay Heading, of Ramsey, buy Manx butter, cheese, cream, bread, eggs, meat, produce from Staarvey Farm and go to the farmers’ market held in Ramsey Courthouse.

’We want to know the people who’ve made cakes, preserves and more at the market,’ Courtenay said. ’Buying local produce is good for the economy and health. It’s the only body we’ve got. I don’t want anything that lasts more than three weeks in the fridge.’

Judy said: ’It makes me so annoyed when people buy Cravendale when we’ve got perfectly good milk here.’

Vivian Bourke, 67, from Ballaugh, thinks she could manage a week, but has concerns about getting enough Manx vegetables.

She added: ’Manx produce is more expensive. If you’ve got a limited income you probably wouldn’t go and do something like #ManxMarch.’

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