Often after a hectic festive period, with too much food and drink, people take part in ‘dry January’ where they give up alcohol for the month.

We asked members of the public whether they’re taking part, whether they still go out and enjoy the island’s drinking venues and what they look for in a good pub.

While it is not unusual for pubs and bars to be quieter this time of year, chair of the Licensed Victuallers Association (LVA) and pub landlord Andy Saunders is reminding people that there is plenty of non-alcoholic choices in the island’s hospitality establishments.

Rob Wright, from Crosby, has been doing ‘dry January’ for 10 years, with this particular month no different.

Public opinions on dry January and the island’s pubs - Rob Wright (Crosby)

He said: ‘I take part in dry January every January, and I’m drinking diet lemonade instead of bitter.

‘I do it for two reasons, the number one is for calorie control to get weight down from Christmas excesses.

‘Secondly, it doesn’t do anyone harm to have a month with no alcohol, and proves that you’re in control of your destiny in regards of alcoholism.

‘I still go to the pub and watch the television though.

‘The Railway [in Union Mills] is a very good pub, the bitter is excellent, lovely fire so it’s warm and has a nice atmosphere.

‘It’s a bit of a home from home.’

Sophie Mawson, from Strang, says she doesn’t drink very often so January is similar to most months for her.

Public opinions on dry January and the island’s pubs - Sophie Mawson (Strang)

She said: ‘I can’t say I’ve ever done dry January but I’m not a big drinker.

‘I think pubs will struggle in January but the prices are too high.

‘Bring a Wetherspoons to the island, people will go there.

‘The management and the way a pub is run is what makes a good pub.

‘I try not to go to Heron and Brearley pubs but I do go to the Crosby.’

Richard and Susan Raine, from Douglas, enjoy going out for a drink.

Richard said: ‘I’m definitely not doing dry January, I don’t believe in it!

Public opinions on dry January and the island’s pubs - Richard Raine and Susan Raine (Douglas)

‘I like Quids Inn, it’s the best pub in the island for live music and I play the bass guitar in a few tribute bands.

‘It’s all up to personal choice, but I think it’s good to keep pubs going and you don’t exactly have to be dry.

‘I hate having soft drinks in pubs, I mostly drink Guinness, and sometimes lager and sometimes a pint of bitter, but it’s a good pint of Guinness in Quids.’

Susan added: ‘I have soft drinks in pubs, but if I was having an alcoholic drink I’d have a gin and tonic, but I quite often just have tonic water.’

Gary and Emma Shilling, from Douglas, celebrate both their birthdays this month and therefore don’t take part in dry January.

Public opinions on dry January and the island’s pubs - Emma Shilling and Gary Shilling (Douglas)

Gary said: ‘We’ll cut down on drinking in January but because of our birthdays we don’t really participate.

‘I think pubs are good for socialising but the general trend anyway is that people go less to the pub anyway, you can see that especially on New Year’s Eve over the last 10 years, the numbers have definitely reduced.

‘I think we look for atmosphere in a pub, like Oscar’s if we’re going out.

‘I play in the Douglas Pool League and I get to go to various pubs, so my local is the Horse and Plough.’