Have you ever wondered what happens to wheelchairs and other mobility aids when they are no longer required by their users?

The answer is – quite a lot. Mobility items no longer needed are initially taken to Manx Care who assess their potential for further use.

The ‘rejected’ equipment is sent to England.

There, the charity PhysioNet refurbishes everything and despatches them to countries around the world.

Now the Rotary Club of Douglas is responsible for it.

Acting chairman of the Rotary Club of Douglas’s international committee, David Craine, said: ‘It is so rewarding to think that items which would otherwise be scrapped, can be sent to countries where there is such a need for them.’

Having quite quickly collected a significant number of wheelchairs and other mobility items, arrangements were made for PhysioNet to travel to the island with a van to make a collection in April. About 50 wheelchairs were duly despatched to the UK and it is understood that most of the items will be sent to Ukraine in May. However, the van proved to be unable to take all the collected items and the Rotary Club is hoping to send another load as soon as transport can be arranged.

Mr Craine said that it was quite expensive for PhysioNet to send a van, so alternative means of transportation are being explored.

‘If anyone sometimes travels to England with an empty van and would be willing to fill it with mobility items, please get in touch.’

If you can help with transportation or have mobility items which you no longer need, you can phone 499177 or 851854 or contact the Rotary Club of Douglas through its website www.douglasrotary.org