Manx National Heritage (MNH) is carrying out high-level surveys on Peel Castle.

Surveyors are currently looking at the stonework along the causeway section of the curtain wall as part of the project.

It’s part of ongoing work to conserve the famous castle walls.

Works ongoing to conserve the castle walls
Works ongoing to conserve the castle walls (Manx National Heritage )

Constructed by the Vikings in the 11th century, MNH say that Peel Castle has its own ‘unique characteristics and a distinct set of conservation pressures and needs’, one of the latter being ‘the castle’s exposed location and layers of historic alterations’.

Manx National Heritage says it has taken the ‘proactive step to address some vulnerable areas of weathering’ and is currently working on a number of other historic sites across the island.

Castle Rushen’s medieval clock has been temporarily removed to enable high level conservation works to be completed.

It’s hoped the work will help prevent water ingress to the clock tower and will be concluded by the Autumn.

Castle Rushen's clock, photographed in 2016.
Castle Rushen's clock, photographed in 2016. (Media Isle of Man )

Elsewhere, the second phase of a project to conserve and repair the Great Laxey Wheel has started.

The latest phase of the work includes repointing and repainting Lady Isabella’s rod duct.

The rod duct is to be worked on in the next phase of conservation at the Laxey Wheel site (Dave Kneale/Isle of Man Newspapers)