Ryan Cringle made a perfect start to the defence of his Isle of Man Centre ACU motocross championship crown at West Kimmeragh on Sunday.

He hardly put a wheel wrong all day on his 450cc Honda, but he did have to charge back from a sluggish start in the middle race.

Luke Saunders got off to a flyer in that one, closely followed by fellow teenager Beau Brown on a similar 125.

It was the latter rider who provided the biggest challenge to Cringle overall, looking neat and stylish on his KTM.

Chris Moore of Peel managed to edge young Brown out of the number two spot in the final moto. Riding a new 250cc Kawasaki four-stroke, he was second in the race but third overall ahead of Saunders, with Ryan Quirk and David Curtis rounding out the top six.

The closest racing of the day in the Ramsey MCC promoted event was in the 85cc Big-wheel class where three riders were at it hammer and tong for much of the proceedings.

Travis Meechan won race one and Harry Shand race two after trailing Josh Blackley midway in the mid-part.

Meechan bounced back from third in that race to win the last and nick the overall by a single point from Shand.

Cousin Marley Meechan was beaten by Toby Lang in the first 85cc Small-wheel race, but bounced back to win the remaining two for the overall.

Stan Dentith had an identical score card in the 65cc class. After finishing runner-up to Riley Faragher in race one, he won the remaining two to take the class honours on the day.

Adult: 1, Ryan Cringle 135 points; 2, Beau Brown 124; 3, Chris Moore 120; 4, Luke Saunders 113; 5, Ryan Quirk 112; 6, David Curtis 104; 7, Olly Carroll 99; 8, Alex Bottomley 98; 9, Jay Lamb 95; 10, Aaron Lawley 90; 11, Jacob Meechan 89; 12, Andrew Livesey 79; 13, Ethan Blackley 74; 14, Kane Hall 68; 15, Harry Boyle 56; 16, Jonny Lang 54; 17, Steve Worts 50; 18, David Asbridge 47; 19, Liam Smith 35; 20, Charlie Boyce 25.

85cc Big-wheel: 1, Travis Meechan 130; 2, Harry Shand 129; 3, Josh Blackley 122; 4, Alfie Mathieson-Nelson 114; 5, Sean Crowne 111; 6, Cayden Higgins 108.85cc Small-wheel: 1, Marley Meechan 132; 2, Toby Lang 125; 3, Leo Gray 120; 4, Noah Cooke 118. 65cc: 1, Stan Dentith 132; 2, Riley Faragher 127; 3, Abe Cain 122; 4, Maverick Meechan 113; 5, Oscar Griffiths 112.