Entries were slightly down for the 2024 Junior Fell Running Championships at Knockaloe Beg, Patrick on Saturday afternoon. 

Junior Fell CHampionships
Smiling all the way to the finish, Eve Martin (St John's) chalked up her fifth win in succession at the Junior Fell Championships (Photo: John Watterson) ( (Photo: John Watterson) )

This was partly because of the clash with the Youth and Junior Cycling Tour, but also the weather which was a bit disappointing. Drizzly rain and mist on the higher levels certainly took the edge off proceedings and made the going quite slippery on the descent, with a number of minor falls. 

Nevertheless, a total of 111 competitors took part spread across a wide span of age groups from Year 2 to 7 in an event organised by Manx Fell Runners and sponsored by Erin Bike Hut. 

Junior Fell Champs
Aron Guiver (Braddan) and Rosie Jacobs (Peel Clothworkers) were the winners in the Year 2 race (Photo: John Watterson) ( (Photo: John Watterson) )

Rosie Jacobs (Peel Clothworkers) and Aron Guiver (Braddan) were the winners in Year 2; Lorelei Wilson (Ashley Hill) and Jack Davison (Peel Clothworkers) Year 3; Emira Bowden (Laxey) and Oliver Davies (Arbory) Year 4; Maisy-Jo Faragher (Sulby) and Leighton Curphey (Rushen) Year 5. 

Junior Fell CHamps
Fearless on the descent of Peel Hill, Maisy-Jo Faragher won the Year 5 girls class (Photo: John Watterson) ( (Photo: John Watterson) )

Three or four races were combined, notably Years 6 and 7, where the amazing Eve Martin (St John’s) led the final event of the day from start to finish. 

Junior Fell Champs
Jack Davison of Peel Clothworkers took the honours in the Year 3 boys (Photo: John Watterson) ( (Photo: John Watterson) )

This was the longest and toughest course, right to the top of a mist-covered Peel Hill, and 11-year-old Eve not only won Year 6 outright but also beat the five runners in the combined Year 7 event. 

Junior Fell CHamps
Lorelei Wilson (Ashley Hill) won the Year 3 girls race. Also pictured is Daniel Walls (St Mary's), fifth boy (Photo: John Watterson) ( (Photo: John Watterson) )

The best Year 6 boy, Billy McMullan (Marown), also beat the Year 7 class competitors in which Tara Nelson and Victor Georgiev (both Ballakermeen High School) were the respective gender winners.  

Junior Fell CHamps
Emira Bowden (Laxey) was dominant in the Year 4 girls (Photo: John Watterson) ( (Photo: John Watterson) )

For full results see Manxfellrunners.org

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Junior Fell CHamps
Leighton Curphey (Rushen) has won every year since the Knockaloe Beg course was introduced in 2021 (Photo: John Watterson) ( (Photo: John Watterson) )