After a very wet start to the day, round six of the RL360 Youth Cycling League was held at the NSC last Tuesday night in unexpectedly dry conditions.  

A total of 224 riders competed in the 11-race programme. 

In the born 2019 and later group, Percy Thompson-Broadbent surged ahead of the field to record his fourth win of the series.  

Albie Looney pipped Jacob Miller for second place and Sebastian Galka came from behind to snatch fourth from Hamish Meikle, Conor Fitzsimmonds and Sonny Kneen.  

Pierpaolo Macchia was a lonely eighth and leading girl Ebony Jones outran Theo Skillicorn, Mian Harrison, Cameron Duffus and Taylor Hollis in the scramble for ninth. 

Zander Pulman soloed to a clear victory in the novices class. Top girl Livia Molnar was a safe second and Lottie Gribbin held off Tommy Fulton and Isla Snellgrove in the battle for third.

Maya Stanley came in on her own to claim sixth, while Elodie Riley edged Fraser Watney in the dash for seventh. Sebastian Zuk and Alicia Moore rounded off the top 10. 

Maintaining his 100 percent record in the born 2018 category, Jackson Kelly got the better of Stanley Quaye in the final sprint for the chequered flag. Ethan McGovern took third and Corin McDonell kept Brody Scott at bay for fourth.  

Kian Winn seized sixth ahead of Jack Warren and Georgia Duffus, with Bruno Singer repelling Harry Moore in the tussle for ninth. The fast-finishing Felix Christian came through the field to grab 11th in front of Ralph Watney and Louie Bass. 

Charlie Maiden went from the gun in the born 2017 race and time-trialled to victory. Leo Brown beat travelling companion Finn Takken to the line for the runners-up spot and Adam Nelson was too quick for Harrison Moore in the 11-strong bunch gallop for fourth.  

Grayson Beasley, Lewis Ward, Joseph McGovern, Leo Tominson and Oliver Fretwell completed the top-10 leaderboard, while Edie Fee gained the girls’ honours in 11th position. 

The ever-improving George Looney bagged maximum points in the born 2016 event for the second week running, coming out on top in an 11-rider sprint for the number one slot.  

Felix Thompson Broadbent took second ahead of Mason Dickinson, Theadora Gelling, Beatrice Brook, Evan Henderson, Charles Roberts and Max Cain in third to eighth places respectively.  

Vivienne Quaye and Addien Morgans spearheaded the rest of the field home in ninth and 10th places 

In the born 2015 class Jenson Baglow had the edge on fellow frontrunner Arthur Ward in the final dart for the line.  

Cameron Kyle and Jacob Milnes got away from Sebastian Hannah, Liam Centellas and Austin Quaye to secure third and fourth, with Liliwen Parry picking up the girls’ prize in eighth spot. 

Tommy Bass and Ciaran Grimshaw circulated together in the Born 2014/13/12 grouping. On the last lap Bass stamped on the pedals and broke free for a clear victory.  

A group of 10 chasers contested the sprint for third, with James Fisher getting the verdict over Elliott Barron, Poppy Clayton, Tara Nelson, Oliver Kennington, Bella Quaye, Aelan Morgans, Henry Quaye, Luke Coomer and Xenia Munoz-Fite. 

Notching up his second success of the night in the under-eight racing bikes, George Looney was too strong for breakaway partner Felix Thompson-Broadbent in the lunge for the finish line.  

Mason Dickinson outpaced Charles Roberts, Evan Henderson and Beatrice Brook in the fight for the final slot on the podium. 

Elliott Barron overcame Cameron Kyle, Jenson Baglow, Ethan Burgess, Henry Quaye, Ollie Robinson and Arthur Ward in the charge at the end of the under-10 racing bikes.  

Isla Kennington and Jacob Milnes came in separately for eighth and ninth, with Liam Centellas outdoing Liliwen Parry and Lola Cringle for 10th. 

Mirroring his earlier victory and completing the double, Tommy Bass forged ahead of Ciaran Grimshaw in the closing stages of the under-12 racing bikes to take the win. 

James Fisher grabbed third in the group sprint ahead of Oliver Kennington and Cameron Eyres, while Bella Quaye snapped up the girls’ award in sixth position. 

There was plenty of action in the combined under-14 and under-16 racing bikes. Zach Jones made a blistering attack with six laps to go. He looked on course to repeat his third-round win but was caught on the penultimate lap. 

Alec Sorby counter-attacked and went on to score an impressive solo victory. Cameron Hounsell outsprinted Daniel Minay, Lily-Ann Scott, Zach Jones and Abi Clayton for second place, with Thomas Hutchinson just behind in seventh spot.  

Hugh Osborn, Cameron Leslie, Bernat Munoz-Fite and Grace Robinson wrapped up the result sheet. 


RL360 Youth Cycling League round six results from Tuesday, May 14:  

BORN 2019 & LATER 1, Percy Thompson-Broadbent; 2, Albie Looney; 3, Jacob Miller; 4, Sebastian Galka; 5, Hamish Meikle; 6, Conor Fitzsimmonds; 7, Sonny Kneen; 8, Pierpaolo Macchia; 9, Ebony Jones (first girl); 10, Theo Skillicorn – there were 41 finishers.  


NOVICES 1, Zander Pulman; 2, Livia Molnar (first girl); 3, Lottie Gribbin; 4, Tommy Fulton; 5, Isla Snellgrove; 6, Maya Stanley; 7, Elodie Riley; 8, Fraser Watney; 9, Sebastian Zuk; 10, Alicia Moore – 32 finishers. 


BORN 2018 - 1, Jackson Kelly; 2, Stanley Quaye; 3, Ethan McGovern; 4, Corin McDonell; 5, Brody Scott; 6, Kian Winn; 7, Jack Warren; 8, Georgia Duffus (first girl); 9, Bruno Singer; 10, Harry Moore – 33 finishers.  


BORN 2017 - 1, Charlie Maiden; 2, Leo Brown; 3, Finn Takken; 4, Adam Nelson; 5, Harrison Moore; 6, Grayson Beasley; 7, Lewis Ward; 8, Joseph McGovern; 9, Leo Tomlinson; 10, Oliver Fretwell; 11, Edie Fee (first girl) - 36 finishers.  


BORN 2016 - 1, George Looney; 2, Felix Thompson-Broadbent; 3, Mason Dickinson; 4, Theadora Gelling (first girl); 5, Beatrice Brook; 6, Evan Henderson; 7, Charlie Roberts; 8, Max Cain; 9, Vivienne Quaye; 10, Addien Morgans – 24 finishers.  


BORN 2015 - 1, Jenson Baglow; 2, Arthur Ward; 3, Cameron Kyle; 4, Jacob Milnes; 5, Sebastian Hannah; 6, Liam Centellas; 7, Austin Quaye; 8, Liliwen Parry (first girl); 9, Yoyo Li; 10, Annie Warren – 13 finishers.  


BORN 2014/13/12 - 1, Tommy Bass; 2, Ciaran Grimshaw; 3, James Fisher; 4, Elliott Barron; 5, Poppy Clayton (first girl); 6, Tara Nelson; 7, Oliver Kennington; 8, Bella Quaye; 9, Aelan Morgans; 10, Henry Quaye – 19 finishers. 


UNDER-EIGHT RACING BIKES 1, George Looney; 2, Felix Thompson-Broadbent; 3, Mason Dickinson; 4, Charles Roberts; 5, Evan Henderson; 6, Beatrice Brook (first girl); 7, Aubrey McDonell; 8, Charlie Maiden; 9, Finn Takken; 10, Joel Burgess – 16 finishers.  


UNDER-10 RACING BIKES 1, Elliott Barron; 2, Cameron Kyle; 3, Jenson Baglow; 4, Ethan Burgess; 5, Henry Quaye; 6, Ollie Robinson; 7, Arthur Ward; 8, Isla Kennington (first girl); 9, Jacob Milnes; 10, Liam Centallas – 16 finishers.  


UNDER-12 RACING BIKES 1, Tommy Bass; 2, Ciaran Grimshaw; 3, James Fisher; 4, Oliver Kennington; 5, Cameron Eyres; 6, Bella Quaye (first girl); 7, Poppy Clayton; 8, Tara Nelson; 9, Millie Ward; 10, Aelan Morgans – 15 finishers.  


UNDER-14 AND UNDER-16 RACING BIKES 1, Alec Sorby; 2, Cameron Hounsell; 3, Daniel Minay; 4, Lily-Ann Scott (first girl); 5, Zach Jones; 6, Abi Clayton; 7, Thomas Hutchinson; 8, Hugh Osborn; 9, Cameron Leslie; 10, Bernat Munoz-Fite; 11, Grace Robinson. 

Junior cycling results - May 14
Junior cycling results - May 14 (-)