The Isle of Man’s golf clubs could be about to branch out on their own away from the governance of England Golf.

Clubs in the island received an email from Isle of Man Golf this week laying out a proposal to disaffiliate from EG, the body that currently has jurisdiction over the island, and for the Isle of Man to become a national golf body in its own right.

The IoMG board has had several discussions about this in recent weeks following the directive from England Golf that all courses under its jurisdiction had to close as a result of the lockdown measures caused by the outbreak of Covid-19.

New Isle of Man Golf president Gordon Pairman said: ’Although closure of golf courses was inevitable, I did think that the Isle of Man was pushed into a corner on this.

’On enquiry, England Golf conceded that it had no right to dictate on this to the Isle of Man Government, something it didn’t understand at the time.

’It is my view that we need a governing body that looks out for our members, something that in this instance we did not get from England Golf

’England Golf receives substantial funding from England Sport, but we are not entitled to any of this, whilst at the same time having to pay the same capitation fees as English counties. There are therefore potential cost savings for members if we go for disaffiliation.

’On the other hand, a downside to disaffiliation is the impact on our elite players, who get the chance to play in England Golf competitions as well as the Northern Counties rounds.

’As a stand-alone union, we would however have the potential for the Isle of Man to enter directly a team into international competitions.

’At present, we have to hope that we have one or more players that might be recognised by England Golf as good enough to be part of an England squad. With the numbers involved, this is a slim chance.

’There is much discussion to be had on this matter and I am sure there are many questions and concerns that the board have not considered, which is why the details of the proposal were sent to the clubs.

’Isle of Man Golf exists to serve the members in the island and the final decision will be influenced by them.’