A combination of poor weather and player unavailability while isolating with Covid caused a number of postponements before Christmas.

Presently there are 12 matches across the Isle of Man Badminton Association leagues needing to be rescheduled.

It means that there is a lot left to do as the second half of the season gets back into full swing.

Thanks to all of the clubs and players for working around the various issues as best they can as the association strives to complete its first full season since 2018-2019.

Results from the first week of play back from the festive break were are follows:

Lew Kelly Men’s League


Align 4 Life Selborne A 203

Kirk Michael A 225


Align 4 Life Selborne B 199

Apollo Blinds Vikings B 239

In a close and very entertaining match, the first set featuring Joel Avery/Paul Griffiths and David Buck/Matthew Garratt resulted in both teams equal on 37 points each.

Steve Allen/Mark Falconer beat Selborne’s Shibu Augstin/Adi Iswanto 21/11 in the second set, but this was followed by a very close game of 21/20 in favour of Selborne.

In the third, fourth and fifth sets Vikings began to pull away from Selborne by winning six consecutive games to put them 47 points ahead.

It would take a monumental effort from Selborne to reduce that gap to 30 points and steal a point from the match, and Augustin/Avery came out fighting to win the last two games of the evening against Allen/Buck 21/19 21/16.

But it was not enough to stop Vikings getting the full three match points. Congratulations to opposing team players of the match Allen and Avery.

This result unfortunately puts Selborne B at the bottom of the division with a lot to do in the second half of the season to avoid relegation. [TG]

Falcons A 207Fencibles B 228


Athol Park Guest House Castletown B 240

Cu-Plas Callow

St Ninian’s B 173


Fencibles C 207 Marown B 215


Quine & Cubbon Rushen D 230

Fencibles E 221

Quine & Cubbon Rushen D 237

Marown D 202

Lew Kelly Women’s League


Apollo Blinds Vikings B 183

Cu-Plas Callow

St Ninian’s A 239

After a strong start from reserve Sam Spellman and Laura Parkinson with a first game 21/17 win over Nicola Wilkinson/Sofie Thornton, Vikings then lost valuable points to St Ninian’s who were clinical in their attacking shots.

Their winning form continued throughout, but a competitive game between Erin Quine/Spellman and Cara Corlett/Thornton resulted in a 21/18 21/15 success for Vikings.

Despite these key wins, St Ninian’s overpowered Vikings and ended the match at Bemahague Lower School overall winners 183/239. [SF]

Mixed League


Quine &Cubbon Rushen B 4

Tynwald Celts A 14


Point of Care Sulby B 1

Falcons A 16