Media Isle of Man catches-up with Alison Teare, Head of Locate Isle of Man, a female leader driving positive economic impact through the Department for Enterprise, about embracing big opportunities for the island, some of the challenges in the tourism sector, and plans on helping the industry grow.

What is your role within Isle of Man Government, and what kind of work does your team deliver across the Isle of Man and further afield?

As Head of Locate Isle of Man I lead a small team which works to support the overarching ambitions of Government and the Department for Enterprise. Our primary focus is to enhance the visibility and awareness of the Isle of Man as an incredibly special place to live, work and thrive for individuals, families and businesses alike.

My role involves setting strategic direction for Locate, aligning activity with the Island Plan and Economic Strategy. On a day-to-day level this involves responding to changing skill needs of public services and business sectors across the Island, working with young professionals and developing new opportunities around inward investment, including overseeing the Business Migrant endorsement process on behalf of the Department for Enterprise.

My work is extremely varied and collaborative which is one of the areas giving me great job satisfaction. I’m fortunate to work with a fantastic group of people who share a passion for the Isle of Man. Their enthusiasm everyday not only raises awareness of our beautiful Island but also ensures everyone we speak to feels genuinely welcomed.

Alongside this, the heart of my work is ensuring we’re welcoming and supporting new residents to become part of our Island community. Making a move can be a big decision for many people and we’d like all new residents to feel a real sense of belonging while having access to the resources and support they need to make new friends and thrive in our community.

What are the big opportunities for the Isle of Man as a location, and what are the big goals for your team to drive this?

Each month, our team communicates with more than 200 individuals interested in knowing more about our Island. We listen to those seeking a lifestyle change and try to understand the challenges they face. We also hear from those who've made the move, who are so grateful for the improved quality of life they now enjoy. This often includes less commuting, more time with family and friends, a feeling of safety and a peace of mind which comes from being part of a caring community.

We often hear from mid-career professionals keen to return home after gaining knowledge and experience globally, who now, more than ever, value the place they grew up. As simple as it may seem, our exceptional quality of life stands as one of our most significant opportunities.

The Isle of Man's career opportunities continue to expand, with new sectors such as BioTechand Green Energy enhancing our already diverse range of career options.

What is the role you and your team play in inspiring young people to live and work on the Isle of Man?

Working with graduates and young professionals is an extremely important focus for Locate. A great example of how we actively engage with young people is the Graduates and Young Professionals Fair, taking place on the 27th March. The event is a joint effort and one in which we collaborate with more than 70 companies and organisations to provide an excellent platform for networking and showcasing the diverse opportunities available in the Island. Alongside this, we’re also developing university outreach programmes, events and other initiatives to make sure existing, new and returning young people are fully aware of the prospects open to them now and in the future.

What are some of the initiatives your team is currently developing or delivering to encourage people to relocate, or to support people once they’re here?

The team is continuously launching new initiatives.

In collaboration with Finance Isle of Man, we’re leading a Finance Skills Campaign, and alongside Business Isle of Man, we've recently completed an Engineering Skills Campaign. Our efforts extend to supporting Manx Care and helping the Isle of Man Constabulary with a UK recruitment campaign.

We’re also continuously curating our 'People Stories' on our online platform,, which is extremely popular. We’re working on more than 15 case studies at the moment while also preparing a new Graduates and Young Professionals Guide, set to launch at the Graduates Fair.

We also have a series of relocation events scheduled for 2024, starting in March.

How would you describe life living and working on the Isle of Man as a woman in a senior leadership role?

The Isle of Man has been an incredible place for my career development. I've taken every opportunity that came my way, embracing an unconventional path that included starting my own business at 21 and pursuing a degree at 40. My passion for understanding leadership continues to grow, and I encourage everyone to listen and learn throughout their careers.

I have to say, I'm not one for women simply patting each other on the back for the sake of it. However, I firmly believe that women bring a unique and immensely valuable skill set to the table. Female leaders excel in collaboration and communication, always eager to share knowledge for the greater good. In the Isle of Man, we're seeing an increasing number of remarkable female leaders who inspire others, think differently, and make significant impacts in their fields.

Are there any (persistent) challenges you've come against in your work or role?

Without a doubt. Every role has its challenges, and mine is no different. I've always been drawn to positions where I hope to make a meaningful impact. With these aspirations, challenges are inevitable, but they also encourage innovative solutions. I am fortunate to have a fantastic team and supportive senior leadership in which we can work together to overcome any persistent challenges.