A cocaine user has been jailed for 20 weeks after he punched a stranger in Strand Street.

Joey Mari-Latonio Cordero hit the man after he had tried to calm an argument between Cordero and his girlfriend.

The victim was knocked unconscious after hitting his head on the ground.

In court, the 23-year-old pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

We previously reported that Cordero was in Strand Street on September 4 at 12.30am with his girlfriend.

The couple were arguing outside Boots the chemist and a man who was nearby went over and asked Cordero to calm down.

This prompted Cordero to punch him in the head, which caused the man to fall backwards and bang his head on the ground, rendering him unconscious.

He was taken to hospital where a wound was glued.

Cordero, who lives at Loch Promenade, Douglas, left the scene but was identified by a witness and later arrested in Regent Street.

At police headquarters, during an interview, Cordero said he had been in 1886 bar before the incident.

He confirmed that he had been arguing with his girlfriend and that the victim had overheard them and tried to intervene.

Cordero said he had been irritated and admitted the assault, saying he had been drinking and taking cocaine earlier in the night.

Defence advocate Paul Glover handed in three letters of reference for his client as well as letters from Cordero himself, to the court and to the victim.

Mr Glover asked for credit to be given for his client’s guilty plea and the fact that he had no previous convictions.

‘He accepted full responsibility for the offence and perhaps made some comments he didn’t have to make regarding the cocaine,’ said the advocate.

‘Mr Cordero knows the victim was only really trying to help but he became frustrated at the whole situation and lashed out.

‘There was no premeditation. He knows he has only got himself to blame.’

Mr Glover went on to say that Cordero may lose his employment if he was sent to jail.

‘There are no issues with drugs or alcohol,’ said the advocate.

‘He simply needs to address how he reacts to situations such as this when he is intoxicated.’

A probation report assessed Cordero as a low risk of harm to others and of re-offending.

Deputy High Bailiff James Brooks told Cordero: ‘You left the scene of the assault before the victim came around. That strikes me as the act of a coward.

‘The assault has shown a very ugly side to your character that might only come out when you have consumed alcohol or drugs, but it was your choice to do so.

‘It is perhaps fortunate the injury caused wasn’t more severe.’

No order for prosecution costs or compensation was made in light of Cordero’s immediate custodial sentence.