A 49-year-old Ramsey woman yesterday appeared in court after a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Louise Lillian Hitchen has previously pleaded guilty on July 4 to a charge of common assault.

We reported previously that she had admitted punching a man at Vondy’s garage in Andreas, after a row over parking.

Hitchen, who lives at May Hill, was due to be sentenced on July 4 but then left the court before this took place.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes issued the warrant and she was arrested on July 11 and brought to court.

On Tuesday, duty advocate David Reynolds represented Hitchen and asked for an adjournment until July 25, saying that she wanted to instruct advocate Paul Glover.

Mr Reynolds said that Hitchen claimed she had not realised that she had to go back into court.

The advocate said that it was hoped that discussions between the prosecution and defence advocates could be held to discuss a basis of plea.

Prosecuting advocate Rebecca Cubbon said that she would not seek a remand in custody.

Bail was granted in the sum of £500.