The Department of Infrastructure has issued a statement ahead of Storm Jocelyn which is expected to hit the island tonight.

The statement from the DoI says that while the winds currently being predicted for this evening are 'not as strong as experienced during Storm Isha on Sunday, Highway Services has reviewed its out of hours capacity this evening and has arranged additional crews to be on standby'.

The Met Office say that a deep area of low pressure (from Storm Jocelyn) will track towards Iceland this evening with a swath of very strong winds affecting the British Isles.

It added that through this evening and overnight the west or southwest wind will increase to mean 37-42mph with gusts 55-65mph.

The DoI also addressed Storm Isha that hit the island on Sunday, with them responding to 43 incidents, with roads shut, flights and boats axed and island structures flattened by hurricane force winds.

It thanked the emergency responses and agencies who helped keep respond to the damages across the island.

The DoI statement read: 'Our post yesterday about Sunday’s storm focused on the Highway Services response to large numbers of downed trees that blocked roads.

'We were able to focus our efforts on this aspect of the storm thanks to the efforts of other agencies.

'In the hours before the storm the Island’s various emergency and support services met via video link to discuss likely outcomes and plan responses in the light of the most up to date information from Ronaldsway Met office.

'Significant coastal overtopping had been predicted to hit at the same time as high winds would impact on the road network.

'The Island’s Coastguard, Civil Defence and Police stepped in to close affected promenades, erect signs and divert the public as necessary, a task that Highway Services would normally do in a weather event.

'This released our staff to focus on responding to storm damage on the rest of the road network.

'We are grateful for this help, especially the efforts of the public spirited volunteers of the Coastguard and Civil Defence.'

The DoI also reminded the public of how they can contact the Highway Services ahead of tonight's weather.

The customer service team is available from 7.30am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday, or you can use the online reporting system:

The out of hours number to report issues that require an immediate response or one that cannot wait until the customer services team is next available is 672000. And as normal, in an emergency call 999. Services