The Edremony housing estate in Port Erin was evacuated today due to a large-scale housefire which saw ambulances, fire engines and police cars attend the scene.

Reports came in just after 1pm that residents in Port Erin could smell the burning from roughly half a mile away, while others said they could see the smoke from their houses.

Witnesses at the scene said that the Edremony estate had been closed off as a result of the incident, with several cordons at the scene.

A video shot near the scene showed smoke gushing out of a property on the estate amid the reports of a housefire.

It was unclear whether the air ambulance was there in relation to the blaze, but the Fire and Rescue Service have now confirmed that an occupant of the house was airlifted to hospital for treatment following the fire.

However, the current condition of the occupant is unknown, and it has been asked that people ‘don’t speculate’ on it at this time.

The Fire and Rescue Service also confirmed that the blaze was a ‘well developed structure fire’, which had affected all rooms within the property.

After initially trying to tackle the fire from outside the property, the firefighters then had to enter the building wearing breathing apparatus to ensure it was fully extinguished.