A man who crashed a stolen car while under the influence of cocaine, ecstasy, diazepam and benzoylecgonine has been jailed for 48 weeks.

Paul Clint Shields was 15 times the legal limit for ecstasy and four times the limit for cocaine.

He was also found to be in possession of heroin, methadone, cocaine, ecstasy, and diazepam.

We previously reported that Shields stole a Toyota Yaris on June 8 from an address at Derby Road in Douglas.

He drove it to Port Erin but then crashed into a BMW which was parked on Port Erin promenade.

Shields left the scene but was arrested on Marina Lane.

Police arrived and saw the defendant discard something, which was later found to be a wrap of brown powder and a capped needle.

He was arrested and said: ‘I was the driver.  I was coming back.’

Shields was described as slurring his words, but a breathalyser test gave a zero reading.

The defendant was taken to police headquarters and a strip search was undertaken, during which police found a golf ball sized bag in his anus.

He said: ‘I didn’t know that was there.  It’s only ketamine.’

Shields was taken to accident and emergency due to the drugs found internally.

A search of his home, at Mona Terrace, found seven bottles of methadone, which were prescribed to someone else who did not live at the property, as well as diazepam.

The total amount of heroin found was 0.8 grams, valued by police at between £100 and £200.

The drugs found in his anus were 5.1 grams of ecstasy, valued at £204, and cocaine weighing 1.8 grams, valued by police at £180.

Blood samples were taken from the defendant which later produced the following results.

1,295 for benzoylecgonine, a metabolite of cocaine.  The legal limit is 50.

46 for cocaine, where the legal limit is 10.

616 for diazepam, where the limit is 550, and 150 for ecstasy, where the legal limit is 10.

During a police interview, Shields said he was a functioning heroin addict and had fallen off the wagon.

He said he had taken the car from a friend’s driveway and that the keys were in it.

Shields said he had been desperate to get to Port Erin to meet a drug dealer on the beach.

In 2011, he was jailed for 10 and a half years for importing drugs to the island.

He has also previously been sentenced to 12 months' custody for money laundering and six months for an assault.

Defence advocate David Reynolds said that all of his client’s offending related to his difficulties with drugs.

Mr Reynolds said that Shields had been at one end of the spectrum importing drugs, and was now at the other end of it, becoming addicted to drugs.

The advocate said that custody would mean that he could become drug-free, but that he would be going through a nasty few days of detoxification.

Mr Reynolds referred to a probation report which said that Shields said he was tired of the cycle of drug addiction and offending he was caught up in.

The advocate said that the defendant may be able to receive support he needed while in custody.

Magistrates sentenced Shields to 32 weeks' custody for the 13 offences and activated a 16 week suspended sentence, bringing his total sentence to 48 weeks.