The Isle of Man's chief constable says some police officers are paid less than people who work in fast-food restaurants.

Gary Roberts, who will be retiring on April 1, made the comments on Twitter.

He was responding to a BBC news story suggesting that some police officers were leaving their jobs to take jobs in scaffolding or as supervisors in fast food restaurants.

He said: 'I’ve been saying this for ages. Police officers are special, but we only realise that when they’re not there. Here, supervisors in fast food places earn more than police officers.'

When he was challenged about his own salary by one of his Twitter followers, he replied: 'I don’t set my salary and I have been well paid, but the reduction in the real value of police wages has been a badly misjudged political decision ... but not by the Isle of Man government.'

Another of his followers, Francesca Signorio, said: 'It is so wrong. When my daughter was young she asked her father why someone who helps the rich get richer earns more than someone who helps saves lives … out of the mouths of babes … we have to change what we value.'

Mr Roberts replied: 'Absolutely agree.'

A new chief constable will take over next month. Click here to read more.