Two riders have been taken to hospital following an incident during the Southern 100 races.

A third biker who was also involved was not injured during the incident, race organisers have confirmed.

The red flag incident took place during the newcomers sightings laps on the first night of the Southern 100 races.

The two bikers requiring treatment have been taken by ambulance to Noble’s Hospital, organisers have confirmed.

A statement from the Southern 100 team read: ‘The newcomers sighting laps were red flagged due to an incident at Ballakeighan.

Watch below: Bikes and sidecars stuck around the course returning to the paddock after the red flag incident during the Southern 100

‘Three bikes involved with two riders being taken to Nobles Hospital for treatment, one rider uninjured’

The Southern 100 is a motorcycle road racing event held in the south of the island each year.

Racing takes place on the circuit called the Colas Billown Circuit near Castletown.

Monday marks the first night of the Southern 100 races.

The roads were closed for the event at just after 6pm while the newcomers sighting laps started at 6.18pm.