Police have asked for the help of the public in their search for missing 81 year old David Lee.

Mr Lee was last seen in the Foxdale area on Thursday, but has not been seen since getting off a bus and walking toward the South Barrule plantation.

Police initially searched the latter area, but on Saturday evening said they had broadened the search.

An update said: ‘Despite a lot of effort today we have been unable to locate David Lee aged 81 years.

‘From enquiries there is a strong possibility he has walked past the Coffee Cottage at South Barrule and along the A36 shoulder road towards the Round Table crossroads.

‘He has had a connection in the past with the Earystane area which is down the Colby Glen road but he could also have headed along and down the Sloc or right to Eairy Cushlin.

‘It would have been the afternoon of the Southern 100 races on Thursday.

‘Did you see him, did you give him a lift?

‘If you walk or ride in these areas please look out for David.

‘If you live in these areas please check your gardens, sheds, outhouses and vehicles.

‘You will have noted staff and drones in the area but it’s a large area to search so your help is appreciated.

‘Please do not put yourself at risk and just follow the above advice. If anyone saw him on the above routes from Thursday onwards let us know ASAP.’