This video takes viewers behind the scenes of the work currently being done to restore on of the Isle of Man’s most iconic attractions.

Mechanical failure caused the Laxey wheel to stop turning in September 2020, and it only turned again in October 2022 following extensive work to the structure.

The ‘Phase 2’ project currently taking place at the site is an ambitious programme of repairs and restoration work.

Once completed, the surviving mechanisms of Great Laxey Wheel will be back in full working order.

One of the most ambitious aspects of the scheme is the planned restoration of the T rocker, a nine-tonne, 10-metre object which is nestled in the valley and beyond the reach of conventional cranes.

It’s now encased in a custom-made scaffolding assembly, inside which it will be dismantled and removed for restoration.

Meanwhile the original metalwork, including 16 sets of bogies (the wheels which move the connecting rods back and forth along the viaduct) is being assessed, cleaned and restored.

A series of ‘rods and rockers’ tours will be taking place throughout the summer to give visitors the chance to see the work being undertaken by contractor CCJ Group up close.

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