An absentee from this year's elongated race programme was the TT Zero.

The one-lap race for electric bikes was originally called TTXGP in 2009, before adopting the 'Zero' moniker in 2010.

In 2019 it was announced that the class would take a two-year break with manufacturers slow to produce electric race bikes and, as a result, participation numbers low.

From 2012 until the last TT Zero seven years later, John McGuinness rode for the Mugen Shinden, a team closely linked to Honda.

Speaking about the class McGuinness, who won in 2014 and 2015, said: 'It was totally different. Initially they didn't have the pace of the Superbikes, so it was a sedate ride round - quite enjoyable really. 

'It was quite nerve-racking though because every lap was pioneering as they got faster and faster.

'The jumps [in progress] they made from 2012 to 2019 were insane. 

'In the end they were quite frightening to ride. They did 178mph through the [Sulby] speedtrap, which is between 600 and Superbike pace.

'The frustrating thing is we never really got the full potential out of them because they were always the last out or they got cancelled. 'They never really got the run of the green.'

'For the last TT Zero, myself and Michael [Rutter] got only one lap of practice and the race itself. Two laps over the whole of the fortnight. 

'It's quite frustrating because the effort that was put into it from the team was phenomenal.'

Asked whether he thought the class would return, the 23-time TT winner was sceptical. 

'They've got the world series now and I think some of the teams think the TT is a bit dangerous and would prefer to go and compete on the MotoGP tracks.

'I enjoyed the journey - all I can say is that I enjoyed every single second of it. From going to Japan to test it, to getting friendly with Mr Honda and achieving what we did with the bike.

'I've even got one in my bike collection as well which is a bonus. I've got my 2014 winning bike. It's a nice thing to have as it's the only one in the world.'