A woman who was airlifted to hospital after a fire at her home has launched a fundraiser after her family lost all of their possessions in the blaze.

Artist Sarah Brown, who had lived at the house in Port Erin for the last 25 years, said she had lost her electronics, clothes, shoes, books and hundreds of her own paintings.

The Fire and Rescue Service were called to the Edremony estate in Port Erin at roughly 1pm on Friday amid reports of a large-scale housefire.

Residents of the estate were evacuated and the area was cordoned off, while some people in the town described how they could smell the fire and see the smoke from their houses approximately half a mile away.

It was later confirmed that one of the occupants of the house had been airlifted to hospital to receive treatment.

This occupant, Sarah Brown, has described her ordeal as ‘devastating’.

She said: ‘I was helicoptered to Noble’s Hospital on oxygen and discharged after a scan and medication.

‘It was just smoke inhalation, but I was coughing black for two days.

‘I rescued my little dog before the windows exploded but I lost most of my possessions.

‘My mobile, which was under my pillow, was wet from the brave fire crew putting the fire out at my house.

‘It's working now, but I lost my laptop and iPad and all my hard-drives.’

Sarah Brown
Artist Sarah Brown (buymeacoffee.com)

Sarah said she lost most of her art collection, hundreds of her own paintings and ‘irreplaceable knick-knacks’ in the blaze and is currently staying at her step-dad’s home in Maughold while temporary living arrangements are organised in Port Erin.

She continued: ‘We had no insurance and have lived in that house for 25 years. We raised three amazing, beautiful, intelligent boys there.

‘My two youngest boys were in the process of moving out, but most of their stuff was destroyed too.

‘I didn't have time to put shoes on or get my bag, so I don’t have shoes, a coat or a passport as they were in the front room. I need basic things like toiletries and clothes, and money to buy art materials which is my life.

‘If you can help a little it would be very much appreciated.’

The home after the fire in Port Erin
The home after the fire in Port Erin (Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service)

As of Monday, June 10, she has currently raised more than 39% of her £2,000 target.

In a statement, the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service said the fire at the property was ‘well developed’ by the time they arrived at the scene.

After quickly confirming that all occupants were out of the building crews initially tackled the blaze from outside before entering the property wearing breathing apparatus to fully extinguish the fire,’ a spokesperson for the fire service said.

‘The activation of the smoke alarm meant that the occupant was alerted to the fire and thanks to the actions of a neighbour the emergency services were called quickly.