Big Brother 2023's Manx contestant Dr Matty Simpson has told housemates that he is in an open relationship.

The Isle of Man-born doctor, who attended Ramsey Grammar School before moving to live in Dublin, survived the first eviction of the series on Sunday evening's show (episode 6).

In the following episode on Monday night (October 16), Dr Matty got talking about his relationship status with Glaswegian Olivia Young.

Matty said: 'The way you're looking at it is that an open relationship is a way to prevent cheating, so that no one feels hurt if anyone does cheat.

'If you switch your perspective like I have, an open relationship gives you the freedom to pursue other people instead of that prevention of cheating perspective.

'If you've never personally experienced it then you probably wrap your head around it as a prevention to cheating.

'It's not easy to learn that - you have to rewire your brain and everything you learnt as a child.'

Matty then went on to explain that he is in an open relationship with another man.

He said: 'My parents know about the relationship and so do his. We are lucky because we both have very progressive families.

'People who have never experienced it feel like it's a bit of a taboo, but for me it's so normal that there is no taboo.

'We both know that at the core of our relationship, we just want each other to be happy.'