The Manx representative on this year’s Big Brother has split opinion amongst his fellow housemates.

Matty Simpson, a geriatric doctor from Ramsey now living in Belfast, has survived the first two weeks of the revived ITV2 show despite blowing hot and cold with his fellow contestants.

The first two weeks of the show has seen contestants get involved in a number of challenges such as standing outside in the rain, not being able to go to the toilet for over eight hours and laughing continuously for five minutes.

During the nominations for the second eviction of the series, Matty’s housemate Kerry nominated him to leave the house, saying: ‘I find Matty quite annoying and we’re very different people.


‘I don’t think he’s a team player when it comes to eating and refreshments - he eats far too much. I just don’t like him. I really don’t like him!’

Glaswegian contestant Olivia said: ‘He is sly when it comes to communal food - it looks like he’s trying to eat without anyone noticing, but I have noticed and it’s winding me up!

‘There’s a line between eating what you need and being greedy, and I think he crosses that line.’

Matty has made his fair share of friends however, forming a close triangle with Henry and Jordan which spectators discussing the show online have described as a ‘love triangle’.

Matty has discussed his past experiences during the show, and describes the Isle of Man ‘not being progressive enough’ as a reason why he left after coming out as homosexual in his teenage years.

He has also referred to living in a commune in the past, saying: ‘I think the communes echo the modern day world.

‘The beauty of it is that not everyone walks around naked, some people are even wearing tuxedos. At first I was quite ashamed and didn’t want to take my clothes off as I felt my body was private, but in the end I went along with everyone else and it felt amazing.’

Being in an open relationship has also been a topic of discussion with his housemates. Matty said: ‘If you’ve never personally experienced it then you probably wrap your head around it as a prevention to cheating.

‘If you switch your perspective like I have, an open relationship gives you the freedom to pursue other people instead of that prevention of cheating perspective.’